This Blog’s for You

Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, a light unto my path (Ps 119:105)

Blessed are those who hear the word of God and obey it (Luke 11:28).

Without being judgmental or condescending in any way, I know that people who are reading this are at different stages of spiritual growth. Some are new at studying the word, and that’s great! Others are so seasoned that they can even turn right to Habakkuk. And still others have joined through the internet from all over the place, both physically and spiritually.

When God placed the idea of doing this on my heart, I felt so overwhelmed by not knowing what to write to such a broad audience. But that’s exactly when I get myself in trouble—ME writing to you. When God leads me to a scripture, He speaks to me and I share what He tells me through His word.

Maybe these thoughts validate your thoughts, or maybe they give you an alternate perspective, or maybe you think, “That’s not what it means at all!” In each case, you’re right.

God’s word is amazing. It is individually relevant. It is alive.

Pray that He’ll speak to you from each verse. He has something special to say today—just for you.


A Light for My Path

Your word is a lamp for my feet; a light for my path (Ps 119:105).

I really didn’t think I’d be writing about this verse, the words of a kindergarten Sunday school song (although every word of God’s word is alive and powerful). But recently someone said to me that their sense of morality was different than that of a believer. This made my head spin. Every universally good quality (honesty, kindness, patience…) is noted and promoted in God’s word.

What about the traits or behaviors that contradict the word? How does an non-believer decide which of those are “moral” when they change day to day, person to person, situation to situation?

A place with a fluid morality is a dark place for sure. We are seeing some of the results of that today. My heart aches for children who are growing up without the security of the absolutes, shared by the Creator, on which to anchor themselves.

If we embrace the truths of God’s word, we may slip from the path from time to time, but we do have the confidence that comes from knowing where to find it.