Called Continued

Woe to me if I do not preach (1 Cor 9:16b).

Everyone who is saved is called, not necessarily to “preach,” but to be a witness or testify to what we have. Earlier in the verse Paul says that we are “compelled.” I love that word. Have you ever seen a great movie, read a great book, or found an amazing product that worked beyond your expectation?

We first share it with those we love—family, friends, etc. then others.   I have even “sold” things in the grocery store to random strangers. Then if we see someone who can use, or really needs that item, it’s almost impossible to remain silent. If they decline, that doesn’t mean that they are rejecting us, just the product, or maybe the timing.

Principles of the Word that may lead others to the saving grace, are often preached loudest by our actions, our compassion, our attention, our recognition of their existence.

Lord, help me to never put the brakes on whenever I am called.




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