Comfort Him?

If anyone has caused grief…you ought to forgive and comfort him so that he will not be overwhelmed by excessive sorrow (2 Cor 2:5a and 7) .

I would think that we have all been wounded at some time by another individual. It may be by an acquaintance, or a beloved family member, or even a spouse. Sometimes the wound is nothing more than an annoyance; sometimes it is life-affecting abuse.

Scripture tells us to forgive. This is especially hard when we are truly the innocent victim. But when we choose to forgive, God is faithful in giving the spiritual strength that eventually neutralizes our hurt. I am oversimplifying this amazing concept because it was discussed earlier (see The Tyranny of Unforgiveness—a most visited topic) and because I want to look at these words—“and comfort him”.

What a relationship mender! When we, the victim, reach out to comfort the oppressor, we start looking at that person in a whole new light.

Hurt people hurt people. It takes the strength that can only come from God, to reach out to comfort a hurtful, but hurting person.


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