The Word

Open my eyes to the wonderful truths in your instructions. (Ps 119:18 NLT)


If you are new to reading the Bible, or have tried and found it meaningless, begin by praying the verse above. God certainly will not refuse you. He desires to draw us closer to Himself to really know Him personally. A good place to start is Romans. In fact, ponder Romans 10:9-10 and pray to truly understand it. Look at it in different versions (aren’t computers great!).

If you’ve been reading or studying the scripture for many years, isn’t it amazing how you can read the same verse a number of times and suddenly it takes on a whole new meaning?! Or if you “happen” on to a verse and it jumps off the page and lands directly in your heart!

The Word may be thousands of years old, but it’s as relevant in today’s digital world as when it was chiseled on a stone.


One thought on “The Word”

  1. This is so true, if you pray for understanding and truly want it God will open your mind to understanding his word better than the so called scholars do. It is amazing what he will reveal.

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