Teach me Your ways, so I may know you and continue to find favor with you (Ex 33:13b)

God works in mysterious ways—okay, not “mysterious” because His Word pretty much explains how He operates, but maybe in ways that seem ironic to us. A simple example is giving. It would seem the more we give away, the less we have in our stockpile. The truth is that we can’t out give God. The more we give, the more he refills, pressed down and filled to overflowing.

A more complicated “irony” deals with praying for someone who we feel needs to change. The more we pray for that person, the more the Holy Spirit shines a spotlight on areas in our own lives that could use some work.

I’m not totally familiar with the Twelve-Step program, but I’m sure one of the beginning steps is confessing (admitting to) our personal flaw. That first step puts both us and the other person in the healing hands of the Great Physician and “He will teach us so that we may walk in His paths.”



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