Who is He?

But who do you say that I am? (Matt 16:15)

Volumes, no libraries, have been written attempting to explain who Jesus is, but the important question is, “Who do I say He is.”

Personally I believe that He is the Savior and Lord, but allowing Him to be Lord 24-7 isn’t always the case. I have a habit of running ahead of Him. I’m not sure if the cause for this is pride, self-reliance, Type A personality, oldest child, or any other of the hundreds of excuses that I have used. It’s like me saying, “I got this one, Lord.”

Then, when I get myself in trouble, it’s more like, “Oops, I should have prayed for direction first” or “Lord, can You get me out of this mess.” And He’s been there all the time. Waiting for me in the sidelines. Patiently.

Lord, help me to be in lock-step with you, not running ahead, nor dragging my feet because You know the past, present, and future, and most  of all because  

You love me.


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