Great Expectations

God created mankind in His own image…

 There is an educational concept called self-fulfilling prophecy. It is defined as an expectation that affects behavior and causes that expectation to be fulfilled. If we continually tell a child that he is lazy, or a hard-worker, or mean, or kind, in each case he will gladly oblige. We need to set high expectations for ourselves and others. If we are made in the image of God, we are only limited by ourselves. And God, well, He isn’t even limited by reality.

…in the image of God, He created them. Gen 1:27


6 thoughts on “Great Expectations”

  1. I was just thinking about this the other day, when I journaled in a daily devotional that I am working on for one of the girls (I do one for each girl for a whole year and give it to them for Christmas- that way they will always know they were -are- prayed over every single day). My thought was this- since we are made in His image it makes sense that He would equip us with the tools necessary to live a life He designs and orders. His virtues must be a part of our makeup – goodness, love, forgiveness, endurance, courage, faith, patience…we didn’t magically acquire these virtues! They are representative of the very nature of God, our creator. And it isn’t through osmosis He develops these virtues in us- it’s through the Holy Spirit- and the WAY He develops these is by allowing those virtue “muscles” to be strengthened through times that test and stretch those muscles. It is with that viewpoint and perspective that I am able to move forward in joy and not fear. Knowing I am learning to discern, learning patience and growing closer to Him through the VERY gifts He gives us as we are created in His image. LOVE having this blog to bounce ideas off- thanks for inviting me!

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  2. I like your blogging idea. We are on our way to Nashville. Keep blogging and I will keep reading. Perhaps even inject some of my own thoughts.


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