Welcome to Looking Up

This blog is not about the presidential election.

But it was one of the inspirations. During this pre-election period I noticed a few things. Many people are very passionate when they believe in something, and many are compelled to express that passion. Another observation is that there exits the need for hope and encouragement at a time when 80% (I made that up) of what is out there is negative, discouraging, and demoralizing. And finally, I optimistically believe that most people feel a great deal of satisfaction by encouraging or helping others.

That is what this blog is all about–lifting, learning, and interacting. Kinda like a chat room in Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood. So grab a cup of coffee and join in.



6 thoughts on “Welcome to Looking Up”

  1. Good idea, I need a place to see what others are thinking about the current events, trying to understand the mindset and reasoning of those I agree with and also those I disagree with in this very confusing time in our lives.

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  2. These original posts are purposely short for two reasons. I wanted them to be easily read by busy people, and also, they are meant to be conversation starters. I am looking forward to your additions.


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